Life and Stress Coaching

in Copenhagen 

Improve your life quality within 3 months. Get rid of stress and create the positive change you long for in your life. 

Life and stress Coach - Grow Life and St

Coaching for those who are ready for a change

Life and Stress Coach
in Copenhagen 

Improve your life quality within 3 months. Get rid of stress and create the positive change you long for in your life. 

Coaching in Danish, English and French

Coaching helps you get the life you want by mastering your thoughts and acting proactively 

Through life- and stress coaching, I have helped many:

  • reach their goals

  • find new career paths

  • make difficult decisions

  • improve their self-esteem

  • find the spark in their lives again

  • become stress-free

As a Life and Stress Coach, I use both Life Coaching and Stress Coaching depending on your needs to ensure you get the most out of coaching.  


You can read reviews from my previous clients here.

A unique approach to stress coaching that leads to great results

I offer a unique approach to stress coaching where we work in depth with your stress. I work both with stress coaching, which is one of the most effective methods to reduce and manage stress at all levels and stages, but also with life coaching tools to help you transform the limiting patterns that trigger your stress into more positive ones so you become stress free.


I can help you reduce, manage and prevent stress throughout 3 phases:

  1. The first phase focuses on relieving stress. You will get good advice to help you find peace and balance again. The purpose of this phase is to get your nervous system to relax and your stress hormones to drop so you no longer feel stressed.

  2. The second phase is about identifying and learning to deal with your stress triggers. I will help you spot your stressors and deal with them.

  3. The third phase is about preventing stress from coming back in the future. In this final phase, I will use life coaching tools to help you change the limiting habits and patterns that contribute to trigger stress in you. For example, I often help my clients to stop overthinking, to learn to say no, to have realistic expectations, or to prioritize theselves.


I offer stress coaching, stress management courses for individuals and stress management presentations and workshops in companies.

You can test your stress by taking a free stress test. The test only takes 5 minutes and gives you a good idea of ​​how stressed you are. It is free and anonymous, and by taking it you help to create more knowledge about how widespread stress is in Denmark. Unfortunately, the test is only available in Danish for the moment.


Lifecoaching is a powerful method for self-development that matches your needs, put you in the driver’s seat and is suitable for all life areas

Grow Life Coaching provides tailor-made coaching dedicated to overcoming your limitations into opportunities through open-questions, targeted exercises and hands-on tools. After gaining an understanding of your goals and intentions, I recommend targeted coaching sessions and exercises customized to your needs so you can rapidly achieve your goals. 


I work with the Enneagram, Positive Communication, Shadow and various other tools and exercises to help you better prioritize, identify your core values and align your actions with them, strengthen your self-esteem, and understand and control your thoughts.


The assumption that YOU are the one who knows best, and ultimately YOU know how to achieve your goals, is at core of Coaching. As your coach, I will act as a dynamic, friendly, and challenging facilitator providing a framework for your development. I will help you to become aware of your limiting patterns in your thoughts and beliefs and to break free from them, and I will lead you towards new positive habits. Through the help of exercises between the coaching sessions, you will train your awareness, allowing you to switch off your autopilot and rapidly achieve your goals. 


Coaching can help you in all areas of your life (decision-making, improving self-confidence, becoming happier, finding your career path, preventing stress, and much more). Read more here.

A relatively quick process

My clients typically experience a significant life improvement after 5 to 7 sessions for life coaching and 7 to 10 sessions for stress coaching (read reviews from my earlier clients here). If you are ready, motivated, and committed, coaching can also change your life.

Guaranteed start within 2 weeks

I make sure that you can start coaching as soon as possible, ie. within 2 weeks outside summer holiday. Hear more and book a free intro session today. Coaching is an investment for life.

A free and non-binding introductory coaching session

The intro-coaching session is a phone call lasting 20 to 30 minutes. It is free and without commitment. This enables us quick mutual introduction, and a short discussion of your aims and desires in beginning coaching. 

Certified Life and Stress Coach 

I specialise in

Meet Justine Hebert Dinesen

Certified Life and Stress Coach


I am a former manager at Ørsted, the mother of 3 boys, and I am happy to have found my career path as a life and stress coach. I love helping others turning challenging life situations into constructive development and work with dedication until it succeeds.


I am a certified Life Coach from Mindjuice Academy, which is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ICF is the largest international coaching association in the worlds. They ensure that education and certifications live up to the highest standards in coaching

I am also a certified Stress Coach from Forebyg Stress, the leading stress coach program in Denmark. Forebyg Stress' stress management method has been successfully used by Mærsk, ABB, Danske Bank, Velux, Ikea, and many other companies. According to the COPESTRESS research project, the stress coaching method developed by Forebyg Stress, is much more effective than ordinary psychological help in relieving stress.

In addition, I hold a Master's degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and have a double master's in International Management from CEMS, the Community of European Management School.

After working for 10 years in Ørsted as a Senior Commercial Manager (answering call for tenders to build offshore wind parks) and becoming a mother of two, I decided to quit my job after a long period of stress. I could feel something wasn't right and that I needed to take some time off to reconnect with myself and make the necessary adjustments...

Life and Stress Coach - Justine Hebert Dinesen
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The journey to a more peaceful and meaningful life begins today

“Justine from Grow Life Coaching was really good at listening and at asking the right questions. She made me look at things differently. Today, I still consciously and unconsciously use the things I learned through coaching with Justine. I can highly recommend Justine as a coach. ”

- Sophie Bay

“Justine is super sweet and very understanding. She has certainly helped me to get to know myself better and find my core values.  I have become much happier after our 3 sessions, and I can definitely use the tools I learned to find out what I should spend my life on. I can definitely recommend her! ”

- Cecilia Würtz Madsen

“Justine is excellent in her approach. Very professional and to the point. She has a great intuition, always asking those questions that make you see things in a new perspective. Added to that, Justine is an intelligent and friendly person with a warm personality, so one feels comfortable and relaxed being around her. I trully believe that when it comes to life coaching Justine is the perfect choice!!.”