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Meet Justine, Life and Stress Coach

Justine is a mother of three boys, a former Senior Commercial Manager at Ørsted, and thrilled to have found her career path as a leadership, life, and stress coach. She loves assisting others in making lasting changes in their personal and professional lives and work with dedication until it succeeds.

Justine is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and she is a graduate of Mindjuice (Copenhagen), where she obtained her coaching certification. ICF is the largest international coaching association in the world, ensuring that education and certifications meet the highest coaching standards.

Additionally, Justine is a certified Stress Coach from Forebyg Stress, the leading stress coach training program in Denmark. Their concept has been successfully applied in the largest Danish research project, IBBIS, aimed at reintegrating stress-affected individuals into the workforce. Moreover, the concept has been utilized by prominent companies such as Mærsk, ABB, Danske Bank, Velux, IKEA, and many others. According to the COPESTRESS research project, stress coaching is much more effective than conventional psychological assistance in alleviating stress.

Continuing her education journey, Justine is currently pursuing training as a psychotherapist at the Danish NLP Institute. Last year, she became an NLP Master Practitioner and attended a CEKTOS course in metacognitive therapy.

Furthermore, she holds a Master's degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and a double Master's degree from CEMS (Community of European Management School) in International Management.


After 10 years as a Senior Commercial Manager at Ørsted and becoming a mother of two, Justine decided to resign from her job due to experiencing prolonged periods of stress. She wanted to take the time to reconnect with herself and make the necessary adjustments in her life to thrive again.


Justine has always had a keen interest in leadership, personal development, and communication. This led her to delve deeper into self-development literature, sparking a desire to learn more about personal growth. Consequently, she enrolled in a coaching program, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Justine took the time to introspect, discovering what was important to her and how she wanted to lead her life. She learned to manage her thoughts, stay true to herself, prioritize self-care, and cultivate happiness and gratitude for what she has.


We all possess the resources needed to thrive both personally and professionally. Sometimes, all we need is guidance to bring them forth. Justine is passionate about helping you discover these resources and tools that can take you to the next level. This doesn't mean that you have to throw everything you have in your hands - jobs or relationships - but rather that you learn more about yourself, acquire useful tools, engage in activities that bring you joy, and learn to handle personal and professional challenging situations without allowing them to negatively affect you. This is achievable, and Justine has the necessary tools to guide you through this process.

Life and Stress Coach - Justine Hebert Dinesen
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