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Stress Management Presentation and Workshop 

Would you like to help your employees better understand stress and provide them with some tools to prevent and manage it? Or, would you like to understand what your employees find stressful at work to actively reduce stress in your organization? If this could be relevant for your organisation, feel free to give me a call so we can schedule a meeting to address your needs, and plan a tailor-made workshop for your organization.  

Stress Management Presentation

We all talk about stress, but what is stress, how does it occur, and how can we prevent it individually?

Holding a Stress Management Presentation will enable your employees to get a better understanding of what stress is, how it manifests, and what they can do individually to reduce it.


The Stress Management Presentation covers the following topics: 

  • What is stress. The stress response activation and what happens neurologically and physiologically.

  • What is the difference between short-term stress and long-term stress (also called chronic stress).

  • What are stress symptoms.

  • What are the main causes of stress.

  • How to recognize the different stages of stress development with The Stress Ladder Model.

  • 10 efficient tools to prevent and manage stress at the individual level

  • Tips to reduce stress in the organisation


​Learning to recognize and prevent stress at an early stage will reduce the company's costs related to stress leave and treatments. The earlier you treat stress, the faster and easier it will be to recover.


A Stress Management presentation lasts 2 hours. It can be held in Danish, English, and French.


You can also organize a Stress Management Workshop following the presentation on stress if you want to know what your employees find stressful at work and their suggestions on how your organization can become better at preventing stress internally. 

"Justine's presentation provided us with a better insight into stress prevention and management. We gained a thorough understanding of what stress is and how individuals vary in their response to stress. Additionally, we received practical tools for coping with stress in our daily lives. Justine delivers this knowledge with calmness, warmth, and humor, making the presentation lively and engaging. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to prioritize stress prevention in a meaningful way""

Bo Gravers Fogt-Nielsen
Managing Director, Phoenix Contact Denmark

Stress Workshop in companies

Stress Management


The stress management workshop will give your company an opportunity to hear what your employees' experience as stressful at work and their suggestions on how your organization can become better at preventing stress internally.


A workshop lasts about 6 hours and includes:

  • The Stress Management Presentation described above (2 hours)

  • Brainstorming in small groups of approx. 6 persons on the workplace stress factors and potential solutions (30 minutes)

  • The discussion, synthesis, and prioritization of proposals in small groups (1.5 hours)

  • Presentation of the different groups (1 hour, possibly more if many groups)

A workshop is an excellent tool for bridging the gap between management and employees when it comes to stress. Employees have the opportunity to directly discuss what they view as stress factors in the workplace and identify potential solutions. Management receives direct feedback and input on possible changes to relieve and prevent stress in the organization.


If you are interested, please get in touch so we can address your needs, and plan a tailor-made workshop for your organization.

"We had the pleasure of having Justine presenting the topic of stress prevention and management to our team at Novo Nordisk. The session was extremely well perceived by the audience who was introduced to the concept of stress and its symptoms as well as a series of practical tools that can be applied for stress prevention. During the presentation Justine did a great job in engaging the audience both with tasks for reflection and simple but inspiring exercises that made the session interesting to follow and fun. I highly recommend Justine for her presentation style, capacity to adapt content to audience and way of explaining sensitive and complex concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and relate to".

Liviu Lupu

Release Train Engineer

Novo Nordisk

Practical information about our Stress Management Presentation and Workshop


Stress Management Presentation (2 hours)

From DKK 10.000 excl. VAT.  The price depends on the number of participants


Stress Management Workshop (6 hours)

From DKK 20.000 excl. VAT. The price depends on the number of participants


Required equipment:

  • A notebook


The presentation and workshop can be provided in Danish, English and French.

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