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The Enneagram at Work Workshop

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to get a better understanding of ourselves and our team members to foster well-being and collaboration in the workplace.  It provides the team with knowledge on how to communicate and support each of the different Enneagram personality types within the team to strengthen cooperation. It is a real game-changer.

The Enneagram at Work Workshop

The Enneagram is a model presenting 9 types of personalities. It is an effective tool to get a deeper understanding of our own, but also our teammates strengths, weaknesses, motivations and way of thinking thereby fostering better understanding and collaboration within the teams.

To prepare for the workshop all participants will be invited to take a test at home and will be provided with a description of their own personality type. This description will be for their own individual and personal growth's use.

During the workshop, the team will be introduced to what is the Enneagram and how it can bring self-awareness and empathy to the workplace to create a more integrative and supportive environment where each other's resources are enhanced.


Then, the work related characteristics of each of the 9 personality types will be described providing strategies on how to communicate and best support each of the  types. 


The workshop will also touch upon how the different types can complement each other when working together to create performing teams.

If the team members are willing to share their personality type with each others - which is recommended for a greater positive outcome - discussions will be organized within the team to improve the understanding of each type and better communicate, support and divide tasks between each others.


"Justine came to our office to conduct an Enneagram workshop. She was helpful in explaining how the test works and its rationale. As we walked through the different personality types, Justine provided context on how they could each apply to our team's dynamic and what types of strengths they may have. I recommend working with Grow Life Coaching on an Enneagram workshop to help gain a better understanding of your team, and maximize their effectiveness.
Andrew Furst
Chief Commercial Officer

Stress Workshop in companies

Workshop Agenda

The Enneagram at Work Workshop

  • A tool to foster self-awareness

  • The Enneagram at Work, a tool to create a more integrative and supportive environment where each other's resources are enhanced.

  • Presentation of the 9 personality types: characteristics, fear, motivation, challenges, stress and growth, as well as tips to communicate and support each of the types

  • Discussion in groups

Practical information about the workshop


DKK 15,000 excl. VAT for max. 15 participants. DKK 20,000 excl. VAT for a maximum of 30 participants. Larger groups on request.

We recommend small groups to favor group discussions in a safe and empathic learning environment during the workshop. 



The workshop can be provided in Danish or in English

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