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Life Coaching

Grow Life Coaching offers you personalized coaching for helping you to turn your limitations into opportunities through insightful questions, targeted exercises, and hands-on tools. You will become aware of what's holding you back, and develop new positive habits to live the life you are longing for.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a recognized and respected method for achieving personal development and creating positive changes. It is an effective self-development method helping us to reach a desired state of mind and attain goals. 

Life Coaching, focusing on what we desire to achieve in the present and the future, assumes that within ourselves we have the answers and the resources needed to achieve our goals. By being asked the right questions, combined with reinforcement from targeted exercises, previous limitations are overcome and new possibilities emerge. 


Cognitive coaching is based on the foundations of cognitive therapy, which assumes that our thoughts about ourselves, others, and life in general determine our behaviors. As we become aware of our individual thinking processes, we are able to change our behaviour to overcome limitations - and fears - to reach our personal goals.  

My role as Life Coach, is to act as a dynamic, friendly, and challenging facilitator who sets the framework for such development, effectively provoking you to find the answers already within yourself.

Coaching is a journey into ourselves that makes us aware of what is holding us back, intended to thereby show us a way forward. In becoming aware of limiting behaviors and underlying fears, we are enabled to break free from them and create new positive habits.

Coaching is a powerful tool for empowering the realization that we all have responsibility for our own lives.

Even achieving small, simple goals heightens our individual awareness of ourselves. There is a reason why you act the way you do, and as you become aware of it, conscious change becomes possible. This is a key goal of coaching. 

It is particularly well suited to enable you to move forward after a life crisis, a stressful period, or psychotherapy. 

You always have the opportunity to make your life into the life you want - coaching is the perfect tool to put you firmly on that path.

What is Life Coaching?

What is a Life Coach for?

Life coaching is a fantastic tool to help you create the life you long for. Through as few as 3 to 5 sessions, coaching can transform your life in many areas.


  • Find inner peace and happiness within yourself

  • Increase your self-esteem

  • Set your own limits (say no and learn to respect yourself)

  • Control your thoughts

  • Slip control

  • Create time for yourself

  • Break free from anger or frustration 

  • Learn to accept situations you cannot change

  • Find love

  • Learn to manage stress 

  • Get over a divorce

  • Become the parent you want to be 

  • Show others your true self​

  • Make a difficult decision


  • Find your career path

  • Reach your goal (PhD, start your own company, etc.) 

  • Balance your personal and professional life

  • Manage a salary negotiation

  • Improve a relationship with a colleague 


  • Break free from addiction (smoking, alcohol, and others) 

  • Lose weight and prevent gaining kilos again

  • Find the motivation to become physically fit

In regards to a relationship

  • Reconnect with someone you love

  • Improve a relationship (with a parent, a child, etc.)

Life Coach - Justine Hebert Dinesen

How does coaching work in practice?

The free intro session

Shortly after contacting me, we will hold a free telephone session of 20 to 30 minutes to talk about your coaching expectations and how I can support you to best reach your goals. This will enable us to draw-up a coaching plan to meet your needs. 

Coaching with Grow Life Coaching

If you choose to continue after the intro-session, we will move forward from the Coaching plan we developed together. The plan is usually a mix of regular coaching sessions and sessions where we focus on a specific topic (Enneagram, finding your core values, etc.)


A regular coaching session will typically start with developing a mutual understanding of the goal for the session, leading to a series of powerful questions with this session goal in mind. The aim is for you to become aware of underlying fears and break free from your limiting behavioral patterns which are preventing you from achieving your goal, while creating new positive habits.


Each session will have a particular focus that will bring you closer to your goal.

Coaching usually takes 3 to 10 sessions depending on what your ultimate aim is. I generally recommend we schedule meetings every second week to provide you adequate time to implement the tools and commitments from the previous session.

As a coach, I am neutral, supportive - but challenging - to encourage you to get the most out of each session.  

Each session lasts one hour.

Coaching can take place face to face, by telephone or video-conference, and be held in English, French or Danish.

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