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Stress Management Presentation/Workshop

For campanies and organizations

  • 2 timer
  • 10.000 danske kroner
  • Grow Life and Stress Coaching

Beskrivelse af service

Stress Management Presentation for companies. The presentation will go through the following points: - What is stress? The neurological and fysiological shift. - What is short-term versus long-term stress? - Learn to recognize your stress symptoms. The cognitive, physical and behavioral symptoms. - What are the long-term consequences of stress? - How stress develops over time and when to intervene? - introducing the Stress Lader Model. - 10 efficient tools to reduce and manage stress. - Tips to reduce stress in the organisation The presentation can be held in Danish, English or French and lasts 2 hours. You can also order a Stress Management Workshop following the Stress presentation if you want to know what your employees find stressful at work, as well as their suggestions to reduce and prevent stress in your organization. Please contact me directly for information regarding Stress Presentation for larger companies and Stress workshops. +45 42 22 23 97


  • Vodroffsvej 61, 1 tv, Frederiksberg, Danmark

    +45 42 22 23 97

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