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Leadership Coaching Program 2 - The Inspiring Leader 

Promote well-being through leadership and become a role model

As a leader, you play a central role in promoting a positive work environment. Research shows that stress and negativity spreads in the workplace. Given your role as an authority figure, your influence is substantial.Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of your own emotional state and possess the ability to regulate it. Additionally, it is important that you can enhance well-being in your department by creating a safe environment. By embodying traits of inclusivity, presence, and coaching, you can actively contribute to bolstering your employees' sense of belonging, purpose, and recognition thereby creating a space where individuals can thrive and grow.

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Become an Inspiring Leader

Our Inspiring Leader program is an in-depth process that helps you develop your emotional intelligence and leadership skills to promote well-being in your organization. The program encompasses 12 sessions divided into 3 phases 

1. Promote emotional intelligence

Being aware of our own emotions and having the ability to regulate them, as well as being able to understand others' emotions and take them into consideration, are crucial for creating a safe and pleasant work environment.

Learn to recognize and regulate your own internal state

We allocate a few sessions to help you identify situations where you feel particularly exposed to intense emotions. We work on decoding what's going on inside you and how you can help yourself manage these emotions.


Learn to recognize others' emotions and address them

We use specific work situations as a starting point to discuss how you can learn to read others' emotions and address them, ensuring that your employees feel seen and heard.

2. The Inspiring Leader

In this phase, we concentrate on the key components for fostering well-being within an organization. We aim to guide you towards becoming the kind of leader who is predictable, sets clear guidelines, provides support and recognition, and actively involves your employees, thereby cultivating a sense of influence and meaning.

Acquire tools to be a present personnel leader 

Based on your experiences, I help you enhance your skills in being present by actively listening to what is being said, showing availability, and using coaching questions to demonstrate interest and support for your employees.


Learn to foster accountability and engagement through active leadership and empowerment 

We build upon your existing experience to enhance your abilities to empower your employees. We analyze how involving your team in finding solutions to tackle tasks and being available to provide support and feedback can create engagement and empowerment. 

3. Proactive Leadership

In this last part, our emphasis is on developing the capacity to take leadership and respond proactively to challenges as they emerge, thereby preventing potential escalation. You will be equipped with tools to recognize the appropriate timing and methods for intervention.

Strengthening your skills to address and manage conflicts

Assessing the appropriate timing for a leader to intervene in a conflict and aid in its resolution can be challenging. We discuss timing and actions you can take when conflicts arise.


Develop the ability to address employee’s stress at an early stage to prevent it from escalating

We utilize the stress ladder model as a foundation to aid you in recognizing the appropriate timing for intervention and guiding you on ways to assist an employee in restoring their balance.

Wrap-up session

We reflect on what you have learned and how you can apply this knowledge in the future.

With our Inspiring Leader program, you will get

  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation abilities

  • Heightened emotional and social intelligence within leadership

  • 12 1-to-1 sessions where your leadership skills are in focus

  • Capacity to foster a healthy work environment

  • Improved organizational well-being through enhanced involvement, communication and support

  • Ability to take proactive measures to prevent issues from escalating

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