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Leadership Coaching Program 1 - The Competent Leader 

Achieving balance and enhancing your skills in the leadership role

Your well-being is crucial for your ability to support and develop your employees, make the right decisions, and perform optimally in the workplace. Our leadership program helps you find balance in your leadership role and develop your leadership skills so that you can feel competent and confident in your position. We equip you to become the leader you aspire to be through increased self-awareness, valuable tools, and ongoing coaching.


Strengthen your Leadership skills 

Our Competent Leader program is a comprehensive process that assists you in achieving balance and developing your leadership abilities. The program is divided into four phases and lasts for 15 weeks

1. Expectations to the leadership program

Considering the challenges you face in your role, we will create your personalized roadmap for the program, tailored to your specific needs.

Evaluation of strengths and growth potential 

In the first session, we focus on analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and designing a customized leadership coaching program tailored to your specific needs. The program described below is therefore indicative.

2. Find balance

Your well-being is essential for your development and ability to be a competent leader. Therefore, it is an integral part of our leadership coaching program. You can choose to start with it or take it at a later time that suits you better in the program.

Acquiring insight into stress symptoms and adopting stress management techniques

In this session, we will discuss how to identify your stress symptoms and focus on providing you with concrete and practical tools to handle pressure at work.


Assistance in dealing with overthinking

Here, you will be introduced to a method for reducing mental overload. You will learn to manage your thoughts and worries so that you can stop the constant stream of thoughts and free up mental space and energy.


Support in prioritization and effective time management

We will examine your skills in prioritization and time management, as well as how we can strengthen them. If needed, I will introduce you to some tools to further enhance these skills.

3. Development of leadership skills

In this phase, our focus is on identifying your strengths as well as areas where there is room for development. We use various tools to explore your personality and core values. Based on these assessments, we work diligently to strengthen your abilities with the aim of helping you become a competent leader.

Increased self-awareness through personality trait analysis

You will have access to take a personality test, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself. The test will reveal why you act the way you do, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assist you in identifying areas you should focus on to remain calm and focused in difficult situations.


Enhancement of your competencies in challenging areas

Depending on your individual needs, we will utilize a number of coaching sessions to transform certain limiting patterns into more positive habits. This may include topics such as delegating or seeking support and feedback.


Guidance on navigating complex relationships within leadership, boards, and stakeholders

We begin by analyzing challenging situations in the workplace and ensuring that you are equipped to handle them effectively. Here, you will have access to tools that will assist you in communicating difficult yet necessary messages in an appropriate manner.

4. Focused and authentic leadership

After identifying your core values, you will be able to conduct authentic leadership, where your values will serve as a driving force to achieve your goals.

Identification of your core values and desired leadership attributes

We identify your core values so you can integrate them into your leadership. This is a valuable tool that will assist you in making difficult decisions and provide you with motivation to reach your goals..

Developing proficient decision-making skills in a dynamic and uncertain environment

Occupying a leadership role involves navigating a constantly changing environment where we may not always have all the details available to make decisions. We work to strengthen your ability to maintain control and act effectively in such situations.

Addressing common leadership dilemmas 

Together, we review the dilemmas you face in the workplace and explore the most effective solutions. You will be introduced to a method that can support you in this process.


Goal setting and ability to maintain a holistic perspective

We ensure that your leadership roadmap is established so you can be an effective leader going after clear goals while staying focused.

Wrap-up session

We reflect on what you have learned and how you can apply this knowledge in the future.

With our Competent Leader program, you will get

  • Mental clarity and energy

  • Clear and authentic leadership

  • Structure and overview

  • 15 1-to-1 sessions where your leadership skills are in focus.

  • Effective communication

  • Strengthened collaboration skills

  • Increased determination and initiative

  • Calmness and confidence in your leadership role

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