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Stress Coaching Program

Stress Coaching is the optimal solution to get rid of stress. It provides an opportunity to learn how to better handle stress but also to develop personally, changing negative patterns that are contributing to your stress.  Acquiring new positive habits is a prerequisite to become stress-free in the long-term.


Become Stress-Free in 12 weeks

Our stress coaching course is an in-depth process that helps you reduce, manage and prevent stress so that you will never suffer from stress again. The course is divided into three phases.

Bliv stressfri på 12 uger

1. Stress reduction

You will gain an understanding of what stress really is, as well as 10 effective tools to find peace and balance again - both physically and mentally.

Session 1: The first session focuses on giving you some efficient and useful tools to reduce your stress symptoms and get your nervous system to calm down. You will also get an understanding of what stress is and what happens physically and mentally when you feel stressed 


Session 2: In the second session, you will be presented with a method to reduce mental overload. You learn to manage your thoughts and worries so that you can turn off the little engine that is constantly running in the back of your head and free up some mental space.

2. Stress management

We look at which specific things or situations trigger stress in you and how you can handle it. Also, you get the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself ´ with the help of a personality test and by identifying  your core values. This will allow you to take the right decisions for yourself so that you can live your life in accordance with the person you are.

Session 3: In this session, we will identify what triggers stress in you and talk about how you can concretely handle your stress factors going forward. 


Session 4: In the fourth session, you will gain a deeper understanding of what can lead to stress. We will talk about how important it is for us humans to be part of the group and to be recognized by others, and what pressure this results in at the individual level. 


Session 5: We will identify what are your core values i.e. what is important for you in order to thrive in your life. It is a great tool to help you make difficult decisions and to come back to your core when you experience doubt or stress.


Session 6: You will be given the opportunity to take a personality test that will help you understand yourself better. You will find out why you act the way you do, what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what you need to focus on to regain balance in difficult times. 

3. Stress prevention

With the help of life coaching we will work to change the patterns that trigger stress in you. Through targeted questions, I will help you to transform negative habits into more positive ones so you remain stress-free going forward. This phase is adapted specifically to yourself and your needs.

We define your goals together depending on your needs. Here are 3 examples of what we could focus on.

Session 7: Learn to speak up, say your opinion and say no.


Session 8: Learn to listen to yourself and to prioritize yourself


Session 9: Learn to have realistic expectations towards yourself

Wrap-up session

Session 10: We wrap up and look at how you can successfully 

get back to work if you have been on sick leave due to stress.

With our Stress Coaching Package you get

  • Tools to find peace and balance again

  • Methods to manage your thoughts and worries and clear up your mind

  • 7 group sessions and 3 1-on-1 sessions where your recovery is in focus

  • Transform your limiting patterns into positive ones so you can withstand stress

  • A personality test to understand yourself on a deeper plan and know how you can quickly regain balance in difficult times. 

  • Your core values so you know what is important for you to thrive in life

  • Help to successfully get back to work after a sick leave related to stress

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