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5 Tips To Establish A Healthier, Happier and Less Stressed Everyday Life After Your Summer Break

Getting back to work after the summer vacation is not easy. But it can be your opportunity to take a fresh start to be healthier, happier and less stressed. A good way to embark on this journey is to get your basics straight. That means making sure you take proper care of yourself. Here are 5 tips to put you on the right path.

1. Make Sure To Get Your Sleep!

It may seem boring to prioritize your sleep but it is of utmost importance. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night is a prerequisite to feel good and motivated, to perform well and to be stress-resistant. The body and nervous system are recovering during sleep and the brain is being cleansed making sure that you are fit for fight when waking up. A good way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to establish a consistent sleep routine: going off to sleep at the same time every night and taking a screen-free half an hour before turning on the light.

2. Schedule Some Time To Exercise During The Week

Nothing beats a good training session! Exercise has powerful effects on both the body and the mind. Working out improves muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. Studies also show that exercise provides some serious mental benefits like reducing your stress level and improving your mood. Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate your brain’s response to stress, and causes your body to produce endorphins, which trigger feelings of happiness and euphoria. Also, working out boosts the chemicals that support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, the part of our brain that ensure good memory and learning. So prioritise your workout and find 2 or 3 timeslot during the week where you can reap all those great benefits.

3. Eat properly

If you want to keep that good energy running, you need to eat healthy. You don’t need to go gluten- and sugar free but to reduce your intake of coffee, sodas and processed food and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. You should eat a wide range of foods to make sure you're getting a balanced diet and your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

4. Make Sure You Take Time To Do The Things That Brings You Energy

There is nothing worse than living a life where you have no time for yourself to do the things that makes you happy. I know it can be challenging to find some “Me Time” when you have small children, but it is essential for your mental health. So drop the chores, TV and Social Media one evening a week and knit, read or go out with your friends.

5. Let Your Mind Wander While Waiting For Somebody or Something

A big mistake we make is to pull out our smartphone the moment we have a free minute. This simple gesture prevents our brain to get those important breaks it needs to function optimally in the long run. If you constantly expose your brain to information and thereby stimuli, you do not give it the opportunity to process the information it just received. Ultimately this can increase your mental overload, increasing your chances to suffer from stress. So keep that phone in your pocket and chill-out on that cafe terrace while waiting for your friend.


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